Warehouses Inc. provides companies with up to date warehouse management systems to enhance product flow. These are real-time systems that allow customer service to know when product is in, when it ships, and also attaches tracking numbers to the order for a quick reference. It provides the entire warehouse with a streamlined workflow that helps track all inventory at all times.

Some of the more popular systems we use are CRMI, WMS, Highjump, and S2K. However, we are not limited to the use of these systems, we will find whats best for your needs.

Our staff has years of ISO systems experience and can assist in reallocation of procedures and flow charts.



“If you’re not scanning, you’re losing money!”


Time – barcoding systems offer the users a speedy order picking, receiving, and replenishment functions.

Inventory control – real time tracking on all incoming and outgoing inventory

Processing – track all orders in real time with package tracking functions built in to the order with all labeling requirements being met simultaneously.

Receiving –  your receiving functions are streamlined with automatic in-house labeling along with real time receiving so your customer service will know when product is in.

Returns Procedures– We will create procedures and locations for returns so they can be tracked electronically so a more timely resolution may be obtained for the customer and manufacturing.

Year End Inventory – Inventory loss decreases because of the electronic monitoring of your stored goods. When your company does its actual physical inventory, the amount of time spent counting is also greatly reduced.

Email confirmation with tracking numbers sent directly to your customer service rep or to the customer.

We will provide and implement a back up plan in case of power failure so product can still go out the door whilst tracking inventory.


Why use Warehouses, Inc? Because we are genuinely committed to providing THE BEST services to our customers.